SC Dogs 'The Spirit of William Gibson' Gold Rum 70cl

SC Dogs Gold Rum glows with a rich, full-bodied yet complex smoothness. Enjoy on its own, over ice or with your favourite mixer. Many a ship navigating the treacherous waters around the Isles of Scilly in the 1800s owed safe passage to

Stargazy Cosmic Caramel Rum Liqueur 50cl
From the creators of Dead Man's Fingers Rum and the legendary Rum and Crab Shack in St Ives, Cornwall. We have a blinding introductory offer for you and an exclusive listing. Blended and bottled in Cornwall, Stargazy Cosmic Caramel is an indulgently morei

Bayou Single Barrel Dark Rum 70cl
The Bayou Single Barrel Rum release is limited in numbers and from their esteemed barrel library of unique Louisiana single source sugarcane rum. Fermented with cane yeast, distilled in American copper pot stills, and rested in American oak rye whiskey

Beckford's 'Folly' Caramel Rum 40% 70cl thumbnail

Beckford's 'Folly' Caramel Rum 40% 70cl
A caramel rum that just leaves you wanting more, made using a smooth premium Caribbean rum with subtle overtones of caramel & slight notes of orange. Delicious neat over ice or with a splash of coke, would go perfectly in coffee.

Plantation Rum Tasting Pack thumbnail

Plantation Rum Tasting Pack
The tasting pack offers a selection of five of the finest Plantation rums, with accompanying mixers and cocktail ingredients. Each tasting pack comes with permanent online access to a 4K tasting video and cocktail tutorial, hosted by Paul McFadyen, Glob

Plantation Single Cask Barbados & Jamaica 9 Year Old Rum 70cl thumbnail

Plantation Single Cask Barbados & Jamaica 9 Year Old Rum 70cl
This 9 year old from Barbados and Jamaica has aromas of wood, vanilla and coconut, exotic fruits, a bouquet of flowers, light caraway, beehive wax and light green notes. The palate is fresh and dry, almonds and roasted peanuts, light brandy and encaustic